Conference Day 2 — Tickets on the door

The first day of the conference was amazing. We are all buzzing with conversations, debates and new ideas.

If you missed yesterday don’t worry, we recorded most of the sessions. And today is jam packed with amazing speakers.

Abbotsford convent from 9am. Tickets available on the door.

Here’s a couple of shots from yesterday.

10150566_10152038939646439_6120761549971563172_n              Nick Pendergrast’s critique of the Ban Live Export campaign.

A slide from Crystal McKinnon’s presentation on Flat Out and prison abolition.



The dinner with Anastasia Smietanka talking about animals and law

Schedule Update

Our final schedule is now available. We had a few last minute changes. We’re very excited to announce a new paper.

Flat Out and CHRIP: Effective Advocacy with Criminalised Women

Flat Out is a state wide advocacy and support service for women who have had contact with the criminal justice and/or prison system in Victoria.Through community involvement and education, advocacy and research, Flat Out works towards having a strong voice in the prison abolition movement in Australia, in the hope that eventually prisons will not be seen as a legitimate arm of the justice system, but will be viewed as an antiquated, cruel and ultimately ineffective institution. This talk will look at why Flat Out does the work that we do, what is prison abolition and decarceration strategies that we can all use in our own lives and organisations.

Crystal McKinnon is a community worker who is currently completing her PhD at Latrobe University which looks at resistance politics and history in Indigenous creative art forms from the 1970s to the present. She is the Special Projects Coordinator at Elizabeth Hoffman House Aboriginal Women’s Service and has been on the management collective for Flat Out for 2 years.


Breaking News

We now have a new workshop at the conference.

Terrorists or Freedom Fighters: A discussion of the Animal Liberation Front and direct action.

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is a divisive force within the broader animal liberation/rights movement. They are painted as everything from hero’s to terrorists. Underpinned by anarchism, the ALF directly challenges our capitalistic values that we are seduced with on a daily basis by redefining and amplifying protest messages. This workshop aims to open a discussion about the ALF in Oceania and to look more broadly at direct action tactics.

The workshop will be facilitated by Lara Drew and Jessica Ison who are both members of ICAS Oceania. Lara and Jess are both undertaking PhD’s that incorporate an analysis of the ALF both locally and internationally.

Conference dinner presentation

Great news, Anastasia Smietanka will be talking at the conference dinner. Only 5 spots left! It’s going to be a great night to meet people and listen to Anastasia’s thoughts on the Ag Gag laws in the US and what might happen in Australia.

Anastasia is the National Co-ordinator of the Barristers Animal Welfare Panel, a national body composed of over 120 barristers. Anastasia has been a passionate animal protection advocate since she became vegetarian at age 3 and has been involved in animal activism from various angles including legal, political and policy formation.



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Pre-conference dinner

We’re excited to announce that on Friday the 25th of April we’ll be having an informal pre-conference dinner at Las Vegan from 7.30pm. We’ll be at the big table in the back room. Come along and meet other activists and ICAS enthusiasts.

More details can be found on the Facebook event

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